(Corporate – for profit)


  • Monthly Update
  • Five (5) Memberships with full privileges
  • 50% discount on event sponsorship
    Include member organizations / businesses directory
  • Opportunity to be showcased on internal events brochures/Flyers and Social Media
  • Option to sponsor Business-to-Business events and programs
  • Exclusive VIP status recognition and seating at programs and events
  • Initial Consult/Presentation to the African Union Sixth Region USA Board
  • Curated B2B Connections with Africa Nations
  • Quarterly “Doing Business with Africa” Corporate Training Sessions
  • Interview of senior executive featured on African Union Sixth Region USA website
  • Large logo and half-page description on our website
  • Logo on all marketing materials
  • Exclusive VIP Status
  • Featured speaking opportunity as a partner at a designated African Union Sixth Region USA
  • Business-to-Business event
  • Recognition as a Preferred Platinum partner at all African Union Sixth Region USA events
  • Use of African Union Sixth Region USA member logo
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