Regions & Member States

AU6RUSA undertakes ongoing efforts to expand its membership to include the widest possible representation of the African diaspora community across America

AU6RUSA Member State Division

The United States of America is divided into Nine (9) regions with an average of 3-10 States per Region.

There will be sub-regional or City chapters each with their own leaders and commission depending on the population density within each chapter

Each Region has a Regional Champion and Each Member State has leadership and commission

****(9 Regional Zones in America and 5 Regional Zones in Africa).


Region One | New England

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Region Two | Mid Atlantic

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Region Three | East North Central

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin

Region Four | West North Central

Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota

Region Five | South Atlantic

Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia & Washington DC

Region Six | East South Central

Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee

Region Seven | West South Central

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas 

Region Eight | Mountain

 Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

Region Nine | Pacific

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

The Goal of Each Region and State

To promote AFRICA and the African Union Sixth Region USA at all times and to shed AFRICA in a positive light (to undo the negative narrative about AFRICA, which is negatively impacting trade, investment and tourism)

To mobilize African diaspora and to create an extensive and professional African database according to commission/sectors (Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Tourism, Finance and IT, Infrastructure, Energy).

Mobilization Plan of Action on the African Union Declaration of the Sixth Region

We are conducting meetings in various regions across the African Diaspora in the United States based on the guidelines of the Diaspora Declaration and the realms of the African Diaspora Sixth Region.

Mobilization and support of all business professionals, all business chamber of commerce, entrepreneurs, organizations, and non-Governmental Organizations NGOs) as well as facilitating collaboration with intergovernmental entities within the diaspora States. 


A Note to Unify African Descendants and their Organizations

One Africa, Once Voice, One People

We are aware that other associations and leaders promoting similar objectives and we commend them for their sacrifices and efforts.  ALL People of African Descents that are not on the Continent of Africa are a part of the Sixth Region. The African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation (AU-African Diaspora Initiative Network) is a consortium of ALL People of African Descent and their organizations in America.

The African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation (AU-African Diaspora Initiative) was officially registered and formed primarily to unite and harmonize efforts. To avoid confusion among our various Africa Diaspora communities and promote a united front among us and with other organizations, we encourage existing organizations and leaders preparing to form new organizations join efforts with us to promote the ideals of a unified Africa and a strong AU State of the Diaspora Sixth Region in America.

“We Are the Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together.” Let us Unite to Build Stronger Bridges Together…..We Are One Africa, Once Voice, One People Stronger Together!