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Who We Are

The African Unity Sixth Region USA Foundation is the official non-profit organization established to mobilize, galvanize, organize and structure the African Diaspora.

The African Unity Sixth Region USA is also known as the African Union-African Diaspora Initiative (AU-ADI) network of People of African Descent individuals and their organizations (non-profits and for-profits). This network will be engaged through strategic programming and work for the purpose of building sustainable partnerships between the African Continent and the African Diaspora through sustainable dialogue and effective collaboration with governments, quasi-governments and privately owned institutions for the rejuvenation of the global African family as an instrument of wider renaissance. 

AU6RUSA Foundation is a network of the People of African Descent, faith-based organizations, corporations, civil society organizations residing in the United States of America. 

Our Work With African Union Sixth Region Canada

AU6RUSA is an umbrella organization of African Diaspora Initiative network established to implement the outcome of the African Union Diaspora Declaration.

The Directorate of Citizens and Diaspora Organizations (CIDO) of the African Union Commission, as part of the implementation of the Program of Action from the Global African Diaspora Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 25 May 2012, with specific reference to the operationalization of Action Item I(A)(g) under Political Cooperation: 

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“Create platforms for closer interaction, solidarity and effective collaboration between and amongst governments and civil society of Africa and its Diaspora including the continuation of Regional Consultative Conferences and creation and consolidation of Regional Networks as partners and interlocutors for the implementation of the outcome of the Global Diaspora Summit”

The AU6RUSA will engage the African Union through regular consultations with CIDO to review the implementation of the Work Program and to establish new areas for cooperation

AU6RUSA ensures that activities align with the African Union Declaration, legacy projects, flagship projects, agenda 2063 within the Work Program of the AU6RUSA. AU6RUSA will work with the CIDO of the African Union to the extent feasible and within the confines of applicable rules and procedures to seek funding for carrying out joint activities under its Work Program. Such fundraising may take the form of project proposals, sponsorship requests or other mechanisms. Financing from African Union depends on the availability of the necessary financial and human resources. As a USA 501c3 humanitarian organization, we will also employ fundraising, donation, sponsorship, program campaign, etc. for funding and financing our programs.

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Our Vision & Mission



To be the center of Africa Diaspora Initiative Network in America, unifying and reconnecting all people of African Descent to Africa



To galvanize, mobilize, unite, and structure the African Diaspora in America for the socio-economic and political development of the Diaspora, their local community, and the reconnection to Africa – One Voice, One People, One Africa

Our Purpose
  • To coordinate the African diaspora in America within the Sixth Region, provide the ease of integration and inter-connectivity between the African Diaspora and the motherland for the purpose of social, economic, and political Development of people of African descent.
  • To unite them with the Sixth Region of the Union for a Global Diaspora family, and to reconnect them to the African Union and the Continent with the purpose of speaking with One Voice, One People, One Africa
  • To promote AFRICA and the African Union Sixth Region USA at all times and to shed AFRICA in a positive light (to undo the negative narrative about AFRICA, which is negatively impacting trade, investment and tourism)
  • To engage and reconnect African Diaspora in America with the People of African Descent from all nations including Africa, and to elect representatives for the USA in the African Union ECOSOCC Assembly.
  • To create an extensive and professional African database according to commission/sectors (Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Tourism, Finance and IT, Infrastructure, Energy)
Our Mandate
  • Mobilization of African in the Diaspora – Professional Skills Database
  • The Declaration of the First Global African Diaspora Summit on May 25th, 2012 in South Africa the Summit adopted these Projects that give practical meaning to the Diaspora program:
  • To coordinate strategies for effective mobilization of the African Diaspora, and to create a platform that rebuild a thriving relationship among People of African Descent in America as we collectively develop a Pan-African Diaspora Network within the context of the African Union Legacy Projects and Agenda 2063 across diverse sectors including, but not limited to economic empowerment, youth development, community impact, art & culture, trade and investment for sustainability and reconnection with Africa continent
  • To assist in the execution strategy of the African Union Agenda and Legacy Projects implementation using Blockchain technology to build of the African diaspora Skills Database, African Diaspora Investment Fund, Market place, the recruitment of Volunteers, in order to increase remittances for the African Institute to create a new collective economy.
  • To provide press releases, host Events, conferences. Trade shows, and act as a primary venue for both African leaders and Diaspora civil society to convene with each other.
Our Ultimate Goal
  • Unite people of African Descent in the USA and connecting them to the African Union
  • Defend and maintain the true African Heritage
  • Support and help the African Diaspora as well as individual organizations maintain order, unity and be effective in the society
  • Bring to reality the unification of People of African Descent making the union of Africa States (or the United Africa States of Africa) a reality.
  • Establish Pan-African Trade & Investment Center in America (An Economic Empowerment Palace for Africans desiring to do business in the U.S. and Africa (An Economic Empowerment Palace for Africans desiring to do business on the Continent).
  • Build and Leave a Legacy, invest in Women, Youth, Children, and Family Development within the context of leaving no one behind, UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and African Union Vision (Agenda 2063) for sustainable development
  • Become voting members of the African Union
  • Establish Pan-African-centered institutions and programs and increased partnership between academic and research institutions in Africa and the Diasporic Regions and States.
Our Aims
  1. We aim at defending and maintaining the true African Heritage
  2. We aim at helping African Diasporas as well as individual organizations in maintaining order/unity and to be effective in society.
  3. We aim to support member organizations practically:
  • By organizing “Fund Raising” programs
  • By co-coordinating financial contributions among member organizations
  1. We aim at co-coordinating strategies for effective mobilization of the African Diaspora.
  • By regularly meeting and exchanging ideas
  1. We aim at training and equipping leaders of member organizations for good governance by conducting/establishing:
  • Seminars
  1. To advance social integration of the Diaspora community, through the commissions by organizing
  • Youth activities
  1. Information center (Public relations)
  • Internet (Website)
  1. Promoting African Arts and Culture
  2. Offer advice on legal and welfare aid issues
  • Health care
  • Housing
  1. Establish project execution methodologies (For the benefit of Africa as a continent)
Our Objectives

The objectives of the AU6RUSA are as follows:

  • To collaborate on the implementation of the Declaration and outcomes of the Global African Diaspora Summit, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2012; including the execution of the Five Diaspora Legacy Projects.
  • To collaborate and maintain a close and continuing partnership with the African Union in order to promote the participation and contribution of the African Diaspora in America towards the development of the African continent.
  • To engage, whenever feasible, the African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) on issues of shared interest in diaspora and civil society engagement.
  • To work with CIDO to build the capacity of African Union, Member State governments, institutions and agencies to better leverage the resources and potential of African Diaspora in America for the benefit of the development on the African continent.
  • To work with CIDO to organize an annual diaspora engagement forum through the mechanism of a workshop, seminar or conference involving the African Diaspora in America in order to establish, maintain and reinforce their participation in the African Union’s developmental and integration agenda, with particular reference to diaspora participation in the implementation of AU Agenda 2063.
  • To work with CIDO to develop and pursue funding opportunities from relevant international funding agencies and private sector partners in order to support specific activities under the African Union Diaspora Initiative.
  • To work with CIDO to support African diplomatic missions in America and North America in order to more effectively engage the various African diaspora communities to contribute in support of development.
  • To consult and collaborate on emerging matters of mutual interest in the areas of diaspora and development.
  • To support activities, outlined in Our Work Program, which will contribute to improving the efficiency and impact of the engagement of the African Diaspora with the African Union and its Member States.

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