Africa is the most youthful continent in the world with significant potential. Poised at the cusp of realizing this potential, the time has come for bold and accelerated action towards achieving the goals set within the vision of Agenda 2063.
Investing in our youth will result in exponential gains which will break inter generational poverty and address the inequalities which have dogged us for details. Recognizing the significant challenges young Africans face in accessing the education, skills and employment required to concretely contribute to society, tangible action is crucial to ensure a stable Africa, free of conflict, home to citizens who are educated, gainfully employed, healthy and fully engaged in society.

What is the One Million by 2021 Initiative?

  • Aims to catalyst action for youth development in Africa, through providing one million unique young Africans with opportunities in the areas of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement (4E’s).
  • At its core, the Initiative will adopt a pan-African outlook and facilitate strategic partnerships to open up new opportunities for young people on the continent.
  • It will promote African solutions and innovations, co-created with and driven by young people, while building frameworks, institutions and structures for effective engagement of stakeholders, sustainable financing, implementation and accountability