The AU6RUSA Activities 

African Union Agenda 2063, Flagship and Legacy Projects

Agenda 2063 Flagship Projects

Agenda 2063 is Africa’s blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future (The Africa We Want). It is the continent’s strategic framework that aims to deliver on its goal for inclusive and sustainable development and is a concrete manifestation of the pan-African drive for unity, self-determination, freedom, progress and collective prosperity pursued under Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance.

Agenda 2063 encapsulates not only Africa’s Aspirations for the Future but also identifies key Flagship Programs which can boost Africa’s economic growth and development and lead to the rapid transformation of the continent.

Agenda 2063 also identifies key activities to be undertaken in its 10-year Implementation Plans which will ensure that Agenda 2063 delivers both quantitative and qualitative Transformational Outcomes for Africa’s people.

The Flagship projects encompass amongst others infrastructure, education, science, technology, arts and culture as well as initiatives to secure peace on the continent.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030)

Within the context of leaving no one behind, AU6RUSA is also guided by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) for sustainable development of our communities in America for stronger communities so that we can truly bridge the gap on the continent.



African Union Legacy Projects

The Declaration of the First Global African Diaspora Summit on May 25th, 2012 in South Africa the Summit adopted five Legacy Projects that give practical meaning to the Diaspora program:

  • The production of a Skills Database of African Professionals in the Diaspora
  • The establishment of the African Diaspora Volunteers Corps
  • The African Diaspora Investment Fund
  • A program on the Development Marketplace for the Diaspora, as a framework for facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship among African and Diaspora
  • The African Remittances Institute

These African Union Legacy Projects highlight the important role that should be played by the African Diaspora and so our activities are centered around and directed towards the realization of those projects among others.


Diaspora Database

Diaspora Volunteers Corps

African Diaspora Investment Fund

Diaspora Entrepreneur MarketPlace