“ We Are the Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together”

Who is the African Diaspora?

“The African Union (AU) defines the Diaspora as people of African descent and heritage living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship, and who remain committed to contributing to the development of the continent and building of the African Union. Geographically this large population, variously estimated at between 150-350 million people; they can be found in: United States of America (USA), the Caribbean, Central and South America (including Brazil; Suriname; French Guiana and Guyana), and Europe.

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What is the African Unity Sixth Region USA?

The African Unity Sixth Region USA Foundation is the official non-profit organization established to mobilize, galvanize, organize and structure the African Diaspora.

The African Unity Sixth Region USA is also known as the African Unity-African Diaspora Initiative (AU-ADI) network of People of African Descent individuals and their organizations (non-profits and for-profits). 

What we do

We are committed to promoting and sustaining linkages with the African Diaspora in areas such as trade and investment, science and technology, information communication technology (ICT), travel and tourism, arts and culture, socio-economic development, youth, gender & advancement of women, media and image building, healthcare, communication and transportation, energy and cultural industries.


Year of Return: The H.R.1242 Bill: 400 Years of African American History Commission Act.


Like the AU, AU6RUSA has adopted the One Million By 2021 as their flagship project.


The Flagship projects encompass amongst others infrastructure, education, science, technology, arts and culture as well as initiatives to secure peace on the continent.


AU6RUSA flagship projects are designed to Connect, Reconnect, Reverse the brain drain, and to rebuild economic empowerment for sustainable development in our local community and Africa


Through well-organized and well-meaningful initiatives to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 2019, connecting the African descendants of the slave trade to connect and engage with their brethren across America and on the African continent for a Global African Family.

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The continued and successful implementation of the African Unity Sixth Region USA’s programs require adequate and predictable, sustainable funding.

AU6RUSA must be strengthened and capacitated in financial and human resource terms to promote the establishment of the cooperation.

One Voice, One People, One Africa

We are the Blessings of Africa- Reshaping our Greatness Together

Launched at the United Nations

Endorsed by the first lady of Nigeria

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