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The AU6RUSA is guided by the Protocol on the Amendments to the Constitutive Act of the African Union which, in its Article 3 (q), the African Union invites and encourages the full participation of the People of African Descent outside the Continent.

See the actual African Union Declaration of Global African Diaspora Document here

Members of the AU6RUSA constitute a fair representation of the diverse African Diaspora in America.
The members have various professional backgrounds and most have long track records in the African Diaspora activities and are therefore well-qualified to make the AU6RUSA African Union African Diaspora Initiative (AU-ADI) a success.

As a registered member,

1. You are Making a Difference by getting involved
2. You are a part of building the African Union African Diaspora Sixth Region USA.
3. When you participate and attend, you have the opportunity to network
4. You have the opportunity to participate in the activities including but not limited to African Diaspora Mobilization, Economic Empowerment,
Capacity Building and Training, Exchange Programs, Trade and Investment Promotion, Community Outreach Programs Events, etc.
5. You can also take a step further, bring other People of African Decent, or organize an event in your area.  This will give you the opportunity to lead, exchange ideas with others, and have your say in building, not just African Continent, but to build ourselves and our communities right here in America.

We Are Stronger in America.
Our Voices Matter!
One Voice, One People, One Africa

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