US based Gender and Development advocate and lifestyle empowerment motivator, Dr Queen Blessing Itua is definitely a woman of many sides. However, her major concern is to bring about a sustainable development to Africa especially Nigeria through her NGO, Blessings of Africa and Empowerment Foundation.

In this interview with Glamtush, the President Obama Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, inspirational author and speaker talks about her childhood, career and bringing a change in Nigeria amongst others.

Who Queen Blessing Itua is

Queen Blessing Itua

I’m Dr. Queen Blessing Itua and I’m based in the United States. I’m very passionate about so many different things. I’m privileged to have been honoured by the former president of the United States, President Barack Obama. I have received different awards but that award to me is the highest that any civilian can receive in the Unites States. After I was honoured, anytime I wear my pin or take the letter he wrote with all of those beautiful things in it, what I see is all the efforts I have put in serving the people passionately. Also, I received award from Georgia State, my state from the Secretary of State and many others.

Bringing a change to Africa especially my Nigeria

Having received different awards for my humanitarian works and services, there was actually no way, I couldn’t think about home. Home is where the heart is. I have an NGO in America called Global Empowerment Movement (501c3) and for the Africans I have Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation. The reason for that is because it takes us Nigerians to be the ones to actually spearhead this development and that is because our motherland is beautiful, rich and we are blessed.

So, I was looking for different ways to actually put this vision God has given to me into actions, so I started writing books. But I realised that in other for me to actually have a significant impact in my motherland. It’s not just about the book but the action. So, I had to put my books on hold a little bit so that I can actually do the work.

Beginning of making impact

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